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Hello Amanda,

I hope you are well and selling loads!!!!! I wanted to introduce myself and the art selling platform we’ve been working on for the past year. We’ve launched it in over 20 countries to help expand your customer base.

We’re an artist run company trying to put collectors directly in touch with artists so they can make the lions share of the retail price. We feel it’s hard enough for artists to make money especially when galleries take 50%, so we’ve spent the last year building this idea to help artists find more worldwide collectors and reap the rewards of their own skill-set, with us only taking a minimum 3.5%. We’ve made it very simple for both the artist to showcase their work and for customers to find you, read the below and let me know if you can get some pieces up ASAP, the online support is awesome if you need any help when uploading your images and info.

Initially the site may take 20+ secs to load due to the amount of sign-ups we’re getting, please be patient.

Please feel free to send it to anyone you think might welcome some sales.


Artlimes is an new online marketplace for buying and selling art. It features cutting-edge technology and innovation for the best user experience.

If you have any work you would like to sell, please register to become a seller here and you may upload as many pieces of work as you want for free, no charges at all. This offer only lasts until 30th June 2017, after that you can upload 5 pieces of artwork for free and any additional pieces will be charged at £0.20p per item. There is a small sales commission of 3.5% on the sale.

We have made the uploading process a very simple one for you but even better we’ve made it simple for customers to find you. Instead of searching under “Abstract” or “Pop art” your potential customers can search by size or dominant colour so they do not get inundated with 100’s of pieces, just the ones they are looking specifically for. Narrowing down the time looking for pieces, giving them more time to make a decision on buying your work.

We’ve also taken all the shipping problems away from the buyer and seller, we’ve got UPS and DHL on board offering up to 75% off shipping for customers of Artlimes, once you’ve filled in all the relevant information about your artwork, dimensions & weight, our clever website does all the working out for you. Once a buyer decides they want to purchase your work all they have to do is pick the shipping option that works best for them, all you do is print off the shipping label, stick it to your package and wait for UPS to pick it up. All we ask is that you use high-resolution images of your work (the higher the resolution, the better) and complete all the additional details (dimensions, weight, etc.).

Artlimes is currently open in over 21 countries and your buyers can be anywhere in the world, giving you a worldwide customer market in more than 20 currencies. is open to the public, so please continue to PUBLISH and make your products VISIBLE. If you need any help, just chat to us (there’s a black help icon in the bottom right of the page), we’re here to help you get your Art out there, in the most attractive way possible!

Your presence is key to making a difference in the world of Art!

Thank you for your support,

Lee Button

Chief Curator

artlimes ltd
UK: +44 (0)7816 142 994

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